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Viu | Viu To Win

The year is 2022. The threat of COVID-19 is finally receding, lockdowns are easing, and everyone is out again. As restaurants, event companies, and live musicians celebrate, the streaming industry is confronted with a fall in subscription rates.


In addition, with the 2022 Winter Olympics taking place in February and the Korean presidential elections set to happen on 9 March 2022, content studios are withholding their best shows to avoid clashing with these events, leaving Viu with a sparse programme schedule in Q1 2022.


While Viu has over 100 shows in their library to promote and drive video views,

the marketing budget could only promote one show. The number of new users and paid subscribers are decreasing and stagnating.

Here’s how we took a drastic change in strategy and turned what was bound to be a challenging year into Viu’s most successful one yet.

Team (Tribal)

Benson Toh (ECD)

Boston Ho (Group Head)

Sebastian Tan (Snr. Art)

Jason Chan (Art)

Dionne Lee (Copy)






Marketing Interactive

Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2022

  • Gold in Best Engagement Strategy

  • Gold in Best Online Experience

  • Gold in Best Use of Gamification

  • Gold in Best Use of UI/UX Design

  • Gold in Best Loyalty Programme (Launch/Re-launch)

  • Gold in Best Use of Rewards & Incentives

  • Silver in Best Customer Experience

  • Silver in Best Use of Contests/Promotions

My Role

  • Led and guided a team of Creatives to conceptualise and produce the campaign.

  • Ensured that the creative vision was achieved and business objectives met by working closely with clients.

We decided to gamify the show-watching experience with Viu To Win.

Why gamification?

With a lean marketing budget, a game allowed us to kill three birds with one stone.


Instead of marketing just one hit show in Q1, a game could drive video views to an additional 49 shows. It could have in-built mechanics to encourage fans to watch more in order to win more. It could also offer a free Viu Premium trial to improve stickiness and conversion to a Premium subscription.

Gameplay so simple, even my 

Ah Ma could play.

The Viu To Win game lived on a custom-built website where we kept gameplay simple yet exciting to cater to Viu's wide range of audiences. All you had to do was answer five trivia questions about Viu's shows across various genres for a chance to win attractive prizes.

The catch – the questions get really specific, and you have to watch the show in order to find the answer.

Sounds daunting? Not at all, because we even provided links that brought visitors to the episode and timestamp on Viu where the answer was found. This led to Singaporeans exploring 50 shows across multiple genres on Viu (many even kept watching after!).

The crux of the game was deeply rooted in consumer insight.

We realised, that everyone has a favourite place to catch up on their shows. So we transformed Singaporeans’ favourite show-watching seats into turbo-charged racing cars that their in-game avatars could sit their butts on.

And when it came to creating the avatars, every game needs epic ones. 


We made 10. All playable racers, all iconic figures, celebrated by Singaporeans and K-drama fans alike.

Even our race tracks were meticulously designed to reflect each genre for an immersive user experience. 

But even the most exciting games need

kick-ass hype.

Our strategy was to create a fully integrated campaign with engaging, interactive formats that allowed us to talk up the thrills of our game, and get Singaporeans enthralled islandwide.

From cheeky teasers to exhilarating YouTube pre-rolls, bus stop adshels with actual flying money to FOMO-inducing eDMs, Singaporeans sure got wind of Viu To Win and raced to the finish line with us.

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