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Spotify | Home For Christmas

In a land where music is in her people’s blood, Philippines holds a special place in Spotify’s heart. When the time came to celebrate one of the most important holidays in the nation – Christmas, Spotify wanted to make a special dedication to the people.

Here's how we did it.

Team (BBDO)

Primus Nair (ECD)

Elvin Villar (Head of Art)

Boston Ho (Copy)

Jay Liu (Art)





My Role

  • As the main writer on this project, I co-conceptualised and wrote the script.

A film about the joy of

keeping our favourites close.

It's all we want for Christmas.


It's a heartwarming film that celebrates the joys of Christmas. It’s about family, Christmas food, Christmas music, and even the Christmas tree. But with an additional Filipino twist — celebrating the joy of returning home.

That’s because many Filipinos go abroad to work. And being away from home most of the year is a sad reality for many. In fact, some working abroad won’t even get the chance to come home. So this year, Spotify brings the love. Home.

Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 5.37.22 PM.jpg

How Spotify closes the distance between us.

From the beginning of the film, we positioned Spotify's offerings – it's playlist and share function, as the glue that holds the bond between the sisters. While they are far apart, their favourite music keeps them close.

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