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Manulife | Choose Both Lah!

When you think of insurance, you think of coverage, price and reliability. Insurance firms know that too. That's why we find plans that always rival the next when it comes to these important considerations. So when Manulife wanted us to create a campaign for ManuInvest Duo, their flagship investment-linked insurance policy, we knew that plain logical hard-sell wouldn't cut it. Here's how we stood out from the crowd. 

Team (Tribal)

Benson Toh (ECD)

Boston Ho (Copy Lead)

Eugene Yow (Art Lead)

Judy Au (Copy)

Amelia Lee (Art)






  • Markies Awards 2021 (Silver for Most Creative – Video)

My Role

  • Led a creative team and steered the project to its final output.

  • Co-wrote the script.

  • Oversaw the entire production of film and creation of social media collaterals.

A film about the bane of being caught between tough choices.

Approaching death
with the best medicine – laughter.


When conceptualising the script, we wanted to steer away from the norm – many insurance ads at the time either tugged on heartstrings or used fear-mongering tactics to sell their products. But why should we?

We then put the decision-making in your hands.


We then went on Facebook and used a 360° photo post to really put the viewer into the shoes of our film’s character. No matter which side you chose, the answer is simple – when it comes to insurance and investment, you can choose both, with ManuInvest Duo.

Over on Instagram, we put Singaporeans on the spot by transporting them into the film. Using IG Stories, users had to choose between two similar food choices, and saving the wife or the mother in our film.

Speaking Singaporean

to get to Singaporeans.

We then took a single USP from ManuInvest Duo – getting the best of both investment and insurance and flipped the narrative: what if you had to choose between the two? That’s a really tough one.

That was the brainchild of our film, finding relatable scenarios with choices that would equally stump Singaporeans, like deciding what to eat for lunch. The choice between mother and wife is also a well-known question that is often asked in jest in Asian culture.

Facebook 360-photo

IG Story

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